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2018 Schedule/Results

Record: 6-6 (Conference: 5-4)

Date Opponent Result/TV
8/30 Northwestern L 31-27
9/8 Eastern Michigan L 20-19
9/15 Missouri L 40-37
9/22 Boston College W 30-13
9/29 @ Nebraska W 42-28
10/13 @ Illinois W 46-7
10/20 Ohio State W 49-20
10/27 @ Michigan State L 23-13
11/3 Iowa W 38-36
11/10 @ Minnesota L 41-10
11/17 Wisconsin L 47-44
11/24 @ Indiana W 28-21

2017 Schedule/Results

Record: 7-6 (Conference: 4-5)

Date Opponent Result/TV
9/2 Louisville L 35-28
9/8 Ohio W 44-21
9/16 @ Missouri W 35-3
9/23 Michigan L 28-10
10/7 Minnesota W 31-17
10/14 @ Wisconsin L 17-9
10/21 @ Rutgers L 14-12
10/28 Nebraska L 25-24
11/4 Illinois W 29-10
11/11 @ Northwestern
L 23-13
11/18 @ Iowa W 24-15
11/25 Indiana W 31-24
12/27 Foster Farms Bowl W 38-35

2016 Schedule/Results

Record: 3-9 (Conference: 1-8)

Date Opponent Result/TV
9/3 Eastern Kentucky W 45-24
9/10 Cincinnati L 38-20
9/24 Nevada
W 24-14
@ Maryland L 50-7
10/8 @ Illinois W 34-31
10/15 Iowa L 49-35
10/22 @ Nebraska L 27-14
10/29 Penn St L 62-24
11/5 @ Minnesota L 44-31
11/12 Northwestern
L 45-17
11/19 Wisconsin L 49-20
11/26 @ Indiana L 26-24

2015 Schedule/Results

Record: 2-10 (Conference: 1-7)

Date Opponent Result/TV
9/6 @ Marshall L 41-31
9/12 Indiana St. W 38-14
9/19 Virginia Tech.
L 51-24
Bowling Green L 35-28
10/3 @ Michigan St. L 24-21
10/10 Minnesota L 41-13
10/17 @ Wisconsin L 24-7
10/31 Nebraska W 55-45
11/7 Illinois L 48-14
11/14 @ N'western
L 21-14
11/21 @ Iowa L 40-20
11/28 Indiana L 54-36

All times Eastern

2014 Schedule/Results

Record: 3-9 (1-7)

Date Opponent Result/TV
8/30 W. Michigan W 43-34
9/6 Central Mich. L 38-17
9/13 Notre Dame
L 30-14
S. Illinois W 35-13
9/27 Iowa L 24-10
10/4 @ Illinois W 38-27
10/11 Mich St L 45-31
10/18 @ Minnesota L 39-38
11/1 @ Nebraska L 35-14
11/8 Wisconsin
L 34-16
11/22 Northwestern L 38-14
11/29 @ Indiana L 23-16

All times Eastern

2013 Schedule/Results

Record: 1-11 (0-8)

Date Opponent Result/TV
8/31 @ Cincinnati
L 42-7
9/7 Indiana St. W 20-14
9/14 Notre Dame
L 31-24
@ Wisconsin
L 41-10
9/28 Northern Ill
L 55-24
10/12 Nebraska
L 44-7
10/19 @ Mich St L 14-0
11/2 Ohio St L 56-0
11/9 Iowa L 38-14
11/16 @ Penn St
L 45-21
11/23 Illinois L 20-16
11/30 @ Indiana L 56-36

All times Eastern

Game Reports
Two Words: Bowl Eligible
Saturday, 25 November 2017 20:24

When this web site launched, it was a pretty dark time in Purdue Football.  There was no future for Purdue Football with Danny Hope as the head coach.  It didn't get any better with Darrell Hazell.  Critics hailed the hiring of Jeff Brohm and hopes were reborn that the Purdue Boilermakers would be back.  It's been a difficult season for Purdue, losing close games against quality B1G teams, losing David Blough, and missing Ja'Whaun Bentley for the game that mattered.  A game to get to .500 for the year.  A game to get bowl eligible.  A game for the Old Oaken Bucket.  A game where none of the current roster had beat the Hoosiers.  Or been to a college bowl game.

Today it came together.  A stingy Purdue defense surrendered just 124 yards (but gave up almost 400 passing yards, and 2-4 fourth down conversions).  A Purdue offense that featured Markell Jones and more than 200 yards rushing.  Even though the final score was 31-24, a couple late touchdowns by IU made it a lot closer than it was.

And so Jeff Brohm leads the Purdue Boilermakers to a bowl game in his first season.  Dilly Dilly!

Mahoungou WHO? Bowl Eligible Opportunity???
Monday, 20 November 2017 05:21

Purdue finds themselves at 5-6 and the opportunity to be bowl eligible for the first time since 2012.  And they did it by beating a team with a winning record!  I really thought the game was over when we suffered the safety.  But Iowa made the type of bone-headed plays that were typically reserved for the Boilermakers.  And Elijah Sindelar made plays, and led the team to victory.  I've been critical of Sindelar in that he can't lead this team.  Well, today he did.  And he did so by finding Anthony Mahoungou consistently.  Mahoungou was a name that we never seemed to hear about prior to this game.  But he's got 32 catches on the season, averaging more than 15 yards per game.

So now Purdue needs to win - at home - against IU.  And IU is trying to get bowl eligible with a win as well.  The story writes itself this year.  #BoilerUp!

0-Fer The Game
Sunday, 24 September 2017 21:25

This game was more important than what happened on the field in the game.  This game will define the rest of the Boilermakers season.  How will they react after absolutely blowing it with their second half "performance".  The Wolverines trailed the Boilermakers 10-7 at half time, and Purdue was holding fast.  But mid-way through the third quarter, Michigan put together a go-ahead touchdown drive that was aided by a personal foul "targeting" penalty.  It put new confidence on the side of the Wolverines, and they never looked back.

The Boilermakers looked about as bad in the 2nd half as any time in the post-Tiller era.  They never converted a single third down the entire game.  The time of possession was skewed heavily towards Michigan.  Two defenders were ejected from the game for targeting penalties.  David Blough had a QB rating of 9.2, and Sindelar wasn't much better, with a QBR of 26.5.  In fact, Jackson Anthrop's lateral pass back for 24 yards on the first play from scrimmage gave him a higher QBR with 99.3.  Purdue had just 30 yards rushing.  They only had the ball four times in the second half, for a total of about 4 total minutes and ganed just 11 yards.

Prior to the game, everyone had been lavishing praise on the turnaround of the program and that how Brohm deserved a contract extension already.  How the Boilermakers respond going forward is the real true test.  The team has shown promise.  But is it real change, or is it just a smoke screen.  That third quarter drive when Michigan went ahead was the drive that will define this season.  Will the Boilermakers come out next week, and for the rest of this season, and compete at a B1G level, or will the cave in like every Hope and Hazell?

Purdue Wins in Demoralizing Fashion
Saturday, 16 September 2017 23:16

You don't get a more complete win than this.  The Missouri commentators called the performance "demoralizing".  As well they should.

477 yards of total offense.

43:43 time of possession.

26 first downs.

8-17 on 3rd down conversions.

203 yards allowed on defense.


16 Straight Losses vs Ranked Teams
Saturday, 29 October 2016 20:50

Coach Parker has the Boilermaker squad playing 30 minutes of competitive football.  It's unfortunate that collegiate games are 60 minutes long.  Purdue completely fell flat after hanging with the 24-th ranked Penn State team, but fell apart in the second half, giving up 45 points while managing just 7 in a 62-24 loss.  Purdue is now 0-2 with Parker, and 3-5 for 2016.  They're 1-3 in the B1G.  And with the remaining opponents the opportunity to become bowl eligible is effectively non-existent.  They have to run the table, and all the opponents have a combined record of 18-11, and all have winning records, except for IU.

Too Little Too Late
Saturday, 15 October 2016 19:29

Another loss for a Darrell Hazell team.  Another home loss.  Another B1G loss.  Everyone took a collective breath when Purdue defeated Illinois last week, but remember that they're worse than Purdue.  And that's hard to imagine.  Iowa, on the other hand, is in 2nd place in the B1G West Conference.  Iowa is a team that generally wins the games they're supposed to, especially non-conference games.  And they came into West Lafayette and beat up the Boilermakers.  At the end of the 1st quarter, it was 21-0 and at half time, it was 35-7.  The game was never close.  Iowa panicked a little bit when Purdue managed to get within 14 points, but that didn't last long.

Purdue showed their classic defense.  They're ranked last in the B1G and last in Division 1 (FBS).  They couldn't get Iowa off the field.  In the first half, it seemed like every 3rd down was converted to a first down.  Purdue even surrendered a 3rd-and-15 QB rush for a touchdown in which the defense never got close enough to touch the quarterback.  Despite over 430 yards offense, less than 50 was on the ground.

Purdue falls to 3-3 (1-2).  Let's hope Hazell falls this year, too.

Purdue Surrenders to UC
Tuesday, 13 September 2016 04:08

When you give up 12 straight 3rd down conversions, that's not finishing very well.  When you allow two 4th down conversions, that's not fighting very well.  When you throw five interceptions, that's not finishing very well.

Put all that together against a legitimate Division I team (I still can't say FBS), you're going to lose.  And that's what Purdue did, at home, on Military Appreciation Day, losing 38-20.

Purdue Wins Home Opener
Saturday, 03 September 2016 20:21

Purdue did two things on the first two drives that they don't normally do.  They scored (a touchdown, no less) on their first possession, and they forced an interception on Eastern Kentucky's first possession.  EKU turned the ball over three times on their first three possessions, and Purdue FINISHED, converting two of those turnovers into touchdowns.  In another uncharacteristic trait of Darrell Hazell football, Purdue had just two penalties for the game, only 17 yards, highlighting Hazell's desire for the team to FOCUS.  Purdue may have surrendered 398 yards on defense, but they gained 512 on offense and FOUGHT their way to a 45-24 win.

Purdue has some running backs.  Markell Jones had 145 yards on 24 carries.  Brian Lankford-Johnson showed his speed, getting 48 of his 58 rushing yards by outrunning the EKU defense.  Overall, Purdue had a very balanced attack, with 261 yards rushing and 251 yards passing.

Not a bad outing for the 2016 season.  They have some things they'll need to clean up if they want to have any hope of success in B1G conference play.  But they're off to a good start.

PROB and DROP - Another Loss
Saturday, 14 November 2015 22:21

They'll try to tell you that the Boilermakers are improving.  That the team has turned a corner.  That you should look at how Purdue lost by just 7 points to a nationally-ranked team.

Don't listen to what they tell you.  This team is still the same team.  They still can't kick a field goal.  They still commit stupid penalties.  They still can't convert turnovers into points (but they sure can commit turnovers that lead to opposing team points!).  They still give up opening-possession touchdowns.  They still have to chase the other team.

The Purdue Boilermakers are now 2-8 on the season, and just 1-5 in the B1G, sitting in their usual spot at the bottom of the standings.

Morgan Burke, your hand-picked Danny Hope successor is a failure.  Any student at our great university would have seen PROB and DROP on their semester grade reports a long time ago.  You have a PROBlem and you should be DROPped and you should take Hazell with you.

Homecoming Nightmare for Hazell
Saturday, 07 November 2015 20:44

This week, news broke that Darrell Hazell would be back for 2016.  The reason?  Money.  Morgan Burke would rather lose football games and alumni donations rather than pay Hazell to sit on the proverbial bench.  The result?  Perhaps the worst performance by Purdue this season.  And that's saying something.  Once again, Purdue's defense surrendered an opening possession touchdown, after their offense went 3-and-out to start the game.  It wasn't until Purdue's last possession of the first half (and 7th overall) before putting together any sort of sustained drive, any appearance beyond their own 40 yard line, and any score.  But even that score was meaningless, as the defense allowed Illinois to run down the field in under a minute and get those 7 points back.

When the bloodshed was all over, the final score was 48-14.  And if there was any definition of Purdue's season, it would be their final offensive play of the game.  Blough got blasted trying to throw a hail mary, which was intercepted.  The offense showed little willingness to intercept the interceptor, who went 90 yards with double zeros showing on the clock.  That return was nullified by an illegal block penalty.  And regardless of whether you think the interceptor should have simply taken a knee, the fact that the Boilermakers simply gave up is telling enough.

If the team has given up on Hazell, why hasn't Burke?  Surely Purdue can find $2 million in savings elsewhere to offset paying this idiot to go away.

Purdue Gets First B1G Home Win in Hazell Era
Saturday, 31 October 2015 20:29

Let's give credit where credit is due.  Purdue won a football game!  Players made plays.  Blough ran for a touchdown and passed for four more.  The Boilermakers actually made the Cornhuskers pay for their mistakes, scoring 28 points on turnovers.  Hazell made reasonable calls in the game, including 2-for-3 on 4th down conversions.

Interesting stat - Purdue is leading the nation in 4th down attempts with more than 25 (which is usually an artifact of desperation late in the game).

The problems, however, are that you've got a Nebraska team that is just above Purdue in the conference standings.  They turned the ball over five times.  A good football team isn't going to do that.  28 points as a result.  So we still have a defense that can't stop the opponent.  You still have silly penalties like the roughing the passer call.  You still have judgement lapses like the onside kick that Nebraska recovered.  This time, it didn't backfire for us.

Hazell gets his first home B1G win.  Tear down the goalposts.  Because games against Illinois, at Northwestern, at Iowa and home against that team from Bloomington are still to go.  If Purdue beats either Northwestern or Iowa, then we got something.  Want to go to a bowl game?  You better win out.

Purdue Simply Can't Win
Saturday, 17 October 2015 18:52

This game was a whole lot closer in the scoring column than it was by any other statistic.  The final score might have only been 24-7, but when you look at every other metric, this game wasn't ever that close.  Wisconsin racked up over 400 yards to Purdue's less than 200. 1st downs not even close. Time of possession heavily in the Badgers favor.

Wisconsin took the opening kickoff and drove down the field to score, which is typical for Purdue this season.  5 times now, they have surrendered opening drive scores.  Wisconsin didn't fire on all cylinders however, and Purdue was only down 10-7 at the half.  They were aided, however, by a defensive interception that Purdue returned well into Wisconsin territory, converted a 4th down and eventually scored their only touchdown.

Purdue's defense just couldn't stop anyone, except themselves.  Three pass interference calls against the Boilermakers allowed the Badgers to continue to maintain possession.

Even when Purdue was able to move the ball, turnovers and penalties continue to cost them.  Their longest pass play not only went for a rare first down, but Purdue fumbled it away.  And late in the game, Blough managed to throw a long touchdown pass, but that was called back for an offensive holding call.

Hazell is now 1-18 against B1G schools.

Purdue Gives Up 41 Straight Points in Another Loss
Saturday, 10 October 2015 23:47

Purdue came down the field on their first possession and scored a touchdown.  But that was it.  Griggs couldn't even make the extra point.  Not that it mattered.  Because the Boilermakers proceeded to give up - and give up 41 straight points in the process.  For all the promise and improvement that Hazell said he saw in the team when they faced Michigan State last week, there was none of it this week.  There was no heart in the offense as Blough threw three interceptions - one of the things he was put in there to NOT do.  The defense, for all the talk of returning eight starters from last year, wasn't any better.  Everyone knew Minnesota was going to run the ball.  Everyone.  But it didn't matter, as Minnesota's running backs ran through, around and swatted away defenders en route to more than 300 yards rushing and 2 rushing touchdowns.  On a 71-yard TD run, Shannon Brooks broke six shameful tackle attempts.  The Boilers didn't bother sending defenders out in pass protection, as on one touchdown pass, I think the closest Purdue Boilermaker to the action was in the student section.

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